Exhibits Range

Industrial automation and industrial robot exhibition area:
A. FA system and devices: production automation, index table, coupling, bearing, shaft, LM guide rail, automatic nozzle, clutch/brake, change/decelerator, gear, ball screw, divider, distributor, cylinder, compressor, control valve, actuator;
B. Sensor and control: sensor, encoder, counter, instrument and meter, indicator light, timer, temperature/pressure gauge, flow meter, measurement test, PLC, frequency converter, frequency converter, switch, controller, drive, numerical control, relay, temperature control equipment lamp;
C. Motion control and robot: servo motor, linear motor, frequency converter, stepper motor, ac motor, gear motor, CNC controller, motion controller, robot controller, vertical multi-joint robot, jumping robot, palletizing robot, industrial robot, robot related equipment and components;
D. Industrial software: SCADA system, man-machine interface, automatic identification system and solutions, S/W, DCS, MES, DAS, process monitoring and control environment, touch panel, field bus, industrial PC, touch screen, embedded solutions, communication board, Ethernet communication equipment, CAD/CAM, CIM;
E. Hydraulic and pneumatic components: cylinder, compressor, pump, motor, control valve, actuator, industrial pneumatic valve, vacuum system, nozzle;
F. Logistics automation system: transfer machine, automatic door, elevator, hoist, chain, conveyor belt, roller, cable bracket, vacuum adsorption transfer system, SCM, ERP, bar code system, printer, bar code scanner, handheld terminal, PDA for industrial use, RFID, DPS, POS, etc.

3C automation exhibition area:

A. 3C automation equipment exhibition area: stamping, drilling, tapping, tapping, soldering, screw twisting, engraving, polishing, sandblasting, plug-in, grinding, flat grinding, screen printing, curing/drying, adhesion, cleaning, coating, cutting, laminating, labeling, loading and unloading, transmission, anti-static, packaging, handling and other processes of robot automation equipment;
B. Electronic manufacturing automation equipment exhibition area: robot and motion control equipment, automation equipment/accessories, transmission equipment, tools, assembly equipment and materials;
C. SMT technology and equipment exhibition area: printing equipment and accessories, adhesion equipment, component feeding system, transmission system and accessories, chip carrier, packaging equipment, curing system, visual positioning system, adhesive and coating materials, related chemicals, production line tools and equipment, PCB manufacturing and assembly;
D. Welding equipment and materials, wave soldering, reflow soldering equipment, welding equipment, tin tin pan/solder paste/solder wire/bar/tin ball, glue, red glue/cement/vinyl), flux, welding head cleaning device/welding head, welding machine, hot air welding equipment, infrared welding, laser welding equipment, ultrasonic welding, gas welding equipment, welding torch, solder joint inspection equipment, solder joint reliability test system, in addition to welding system, cleaning equipment and materials;
E. Test and measurement: 2 d / 3 d detection system detection equipment, electronic components, bare plate visual inspection equipment, to detect the thickness of the film, the ICT equipment, AOI equipment, infrared detection device, the chip frame detection equipment, optical microscope, PCB visual inspection equipment, solder joint visual inspection equipment, temperature, humidity test/environmental testing equipment, viscometer/oscilloscope, thermometer, X - Ray equipment, functional test equipment, etc.;
F. Exhibition parts and control system: servo motor, stepping motor, linear motor, reducer, motor, pneumatic systems, actuators, module, screw, guide rail, slide rail, gear, belt, pulley, coupling, clutch, brake, synchronous belt, fastener, bearing, CAM, PLC, SCADA, frequency converter, CNC system, starter, sensors, transmitters, actuators, remote monitoring, industrial switch, embedded systems, machine vision systems and components, industrial PC, data acquisition and recognition system, linear positioning system, motion control systems, robots, robot ontology, AGV car, etc.;
G. Other exhibition areas: ESD anti-static and purification equipment, test equipment, bar code equipment and materials, printed circuit board, etc

AGV car exhibition area:
A. AGV products: AGV automatic transport vehicles,AGV unmanned transport vehicles, omnidirectional moving AGV vehicles, intelligent AGV vehicles, magnetic navigation AGV vehicles, trackless navigation /AGV vehicles, magnetic navigation forklift AGV,AGV unmanned transport, all kinds of AGV vehicles, automatic navigation vehicles, laser navigation vehicles, etc.
B. Intelligent warehousing: intelligent warehousing robot, intelligent warehousing management system, intelligent warehousing system, intelligent logistics warehousing system, intelligent warehousing, intelligent warehouse management system, intelligent warehouse, warehousing management system, warehousing management, automated three-dimensional warehouse, etc
C. AGV automatic logistics equipment and systems: traction, laser, palletizing, robot, intelligent palletizing robot, handling machine, conveying equipment, assembly, wiring, screw, scraper, tape, roller, suspension, vibration, machine arm, industrial vehicles, forklifts; Sorting system, picking system, automatic warehousing, warehousing assistance technology software, transportation system, ground control system, vehicle control system, unmanned transportation system, shelf access equipment, manual carrier, automatic guidance system, intelligent warehouse solutions;
D. AGV car accessories: positioning components, structural components, direct components, drive unit, control unit, mechanical components, sensors, mobile chassis, driving wheel, batteries, servo motor, dc motor, charging machine, relay, controller, brake, reducer, actuators, bearing, carrying institutions, site identification, communication module, electronic tags, touch screen, form a complete set of logistics equipment, etc.
E. Conveying equipment: all kinds of the assembly line, air conveying system, single (double) chain, mesh belt conveyor, roller conveyor sorting conveyor, belt conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, roller conveyor, hanging conveyor, vibration conveyor, roller conveyor, telescopic conveyor, non-standard special equipment, transportation equipment, transportation equipment parts, etc.;

Machine vision technology exhibition area:
A. Systems and devices: machine vision systems, intelligent camera, machine vision sensor, light, laser, optical lenses, optical filter, camera (plane scan camera, line scan cameras, high-speed cameras, infrared cameras, X-ray camera), contact image sensor, sensor, frame receiver processor and computer accessories, machine vision measuring system, the cable and plug, accessories;
B. Application: bar code, bar code recognition, optical character recognition, security systems, location awareness, sequence analysis, quantity survey, hue, integrity investigation/assembly control, printing checks, texture analysis, surface inspection, accessories, robot vision, 2 d / 3 d robot vision, image understanding, 2 d / 3 d measurement and compared, can transport system (ITS), medical equipment, security;
C. Services: education, design and development, model development, research and development, consulting, specialized books.

Intelligent factory exhibition area:
Software used in industry, logistics automation system, handling robot, automatic doors, elevators, belts, conveyor equipment, MES software, roller, transfer system, printers, barcode scanners, bar code system, handheld terminals, industrial PDS/RFID/DPS/POS, storage shelves, forklift trucks, commercial vehicles, cable support, vacuum adsorption transfer system, drum, castor, AGV robot, picking robot and so on

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