Visitor's Guide

Admission notice

1. The exhibition is open to professionals, and visitors are required to hold the visiting tickets presented and mailed by the organizing committee;
2. Fill in the registration application in advance in the "pre-registration of visitors" section of the official website of the exhibition, and directly get the "professional visitor certificate" at the "visitor registration counter" of the exhibition site;
3. Bring more than two business CARDS to the exhibition site "visitor registration center" to directly exchange for "professional visitor certificate";
4. Fill in the "visitor registration form" at the exhibition site and obtain the "professional visitor certificate";
5. Scan the public WeChat qr code at the exhibition site "visitor registration center" to obtain the "professional visitor certificate".

Visit rules

1. Abide by the relevant safety management regulations formulated by the exhibition center and the organizing committee, obey the command of on-site security personnel, and visit in a civilized manner.

2. The exhibition host and organizer shall arrange security inspection at the entrance for public safety, and all personnel entering the exhibition hall shall cooperate with the security inspection.
3. Please keep your valuables properly and do not take them with you to the venue. You shall be responsible for any loss.
4. Visitors are not allowed to engage in any publicity activities in the exhibition area.
5. The visitors shall obey the command and dispatch of security personnel when visiting the relevant activities and performances, and shall not crowd, scramble or block the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall, safe passage and fixed fire control facilities.
6. When purchasing samples to go out of the exhibition hall, they must register with the organizing committee, and only after verification and issuance of the product departure list can they go out of the exhibition hall.
7. During the exhibition, open fire is strictly prohibited in the exhibition area.
8. Please keep the pavilion clean and hygienic. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the museum.

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