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   Shanghai, a small fishing village in a distant era, the sailing mast city hundreds of years ago, the modern rising international metropolis, one of the most dynamic cities in China today.

   Shanghai's rich tourist attractions, attractive Shanghai culture, diversity and storage can be said to be the most distinctive characteristics of Shanghai. The bustling city of Shanghai, now everywhere shows the unique charm of new tourist cultural attractions. Every tourist who comes to Shanghai can feel it firsthand: the old western architecture and the modern skyscrapers reflect each other; Xujiahui cathedral singing, jade Buddha temple cigarette curl; Burlesque performances on the grand stage and symphony orchestra performances at the grand theatre; Old street teahouses whisper, new bars sing and dance; Shanghai's thriving red tourist attractions, popular science tourist attractions, agricultural tourist attractions and industrial tourist attractions; The old buildings full of Shanghai flavor and the fashionable restaurants with garden houses transformed; Huaihai road, nanjing west road and other places where the world's newest fashion and most famous brands are concentrated are good places for Chinese and foreign tourists to enjoy the new scenic spots of Shanghai's urban cultural tourism.

  • Lujiazui profile: the leading financial business circle at home and abroad, high-rise forest, feel the modern sense of first-tier cities.
  • Oriental pearl introduction: landmarks in Shanghai can board the observation deck 360 ° full transparent overlooking the spectacular.
  • Introduction of waibaidu bridge: the waibaidu bridge is built at the junction of suzhou river and huangpu river in Shanghai. It is a steel frame structure underbearing bridge and the largest steel bridge in Shanghai.
  • Tian zifang introduce: tian zifang is by Shanghai the shikumen inside the most characteristic lane evolves and come, the puxi that is located in Shanghai, can say in Shanghai one of the locations of very small endowment.

  • Yuyuan garden: the private garden of Ming dynasty, known as the "city forest" reputation, and "qixiu jia in the southeast", is a pearl in the garden of the south of the Yangtze river.
  • About the Chinese art palace: the national pavilion of the People's Republic of China for the 2010 world expo in Shanghai was renamed the Chinese art palace after the expo.
  • Introduce old city god's temple: city god's temple and yu garden are adjacent, begin from song dynasty build to contemporary, trace its history to already had 600 years, regard Taoism as view, enjoy good reputation at home and abroad.

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