2021 Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition / Industrial Automation and Industrial Robots Exhibition

6-8 May 2021 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai)

AboutSIA China

“SIA/Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition”, formerly known as “Shanghai International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition”, has been successfully held for many times and has become an indispensable brand exhibition for the domestic intelligent equipment industryit covers industrial automation, robotics, AGV vehicles, machine vision and other fields. The “CME China machine tool exhibition” will be held at the same time, directly and comprehensively serving the entire industrial chain of intelligent factory industry from source to terminal. The last exhibition covered an area of 120000 square meters, with 1200 exhibitors and 130,000 professional visitors.

SIA Intelligent Factory Exhibition invites professional buyers to connect with exhibitors, mainly from automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics, warehousing logistics, rail transportation, aerospace, precision machine tools, printing, textiles, home appliances, food, pharmaceuticals, paper making, tobacco, daily chemical, packaging , mechanical and electrical, hardware and other industries, to promote cooperation and exchanges between the supply and demand sides. The company's database of more than 800,000 buyer information databases is shared with exhibitors and can provide free promotion for exhibitors before and after the exhibition.

Based on the success of the last exhibition, many exhibitors have expanded the exhibition area. Therefore, the exhibition area has been expanded to 130000 square meters. It is expected that it will attract 1300 enterprises exhibitors and 150,000 professional visitors. SIA-2021 will go out to create greater value for exhibitors. We strive to continue making Shanghai international intelligent factory Exhibition into an industry international event!



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  • 名企推荐:埃赛力达科技传感器

    可扩展工业4.0制造的机器视觉技术   全球创新的定制化光电解决方案技术领导者埃赛力达近期为其Optem®FUSION®微探测透镜系统推出了新的扩展功能。在升级改造后,它能满足短波红外(SWIR)传感器不断增长的需求及工业4.0制造所需的机器视觉要求。现在,该透镜系统可为关键的可见光(400nm-700nm),近红外NIR(700nm-1100nm)和短波红外波段SWIR(900nm-1700nm)提供真正的多色成像性能。   由于秉承了Qioptiq®...

  • 13 19-03
  • 魏德米勒机柜订单配置服务:灵活规划,快速达到目标

    魏德米勒Klippon® Service Configure-to-Order机柜订单配置服务及快速送货服务有几大优势,可以在几分钟内提供报价、实现定制生产及限定客户所装配产品的运输时间。这些服务的快速实现,得益于魏德米勒机柜配置软件Weidmüller Configurator(简称WMC),WMC可以帮助用户自主规划、记录、询价及订购产品 – 7*24随时提供服务。根据用户的服务要求,魏德米勒在约定时间内(4天、9天或其他时间要求),按照用户WMC设...

  • 22 18-12
  • 台达宣布与CODESYS集团携手推出全新运动控制解决方案


  • 29 18-11

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